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Wellness Care North Liberty IA Mohamed Karim

Mohamed Karim, D.C.

Doctor Karim is originally from Coralville Iowa, and loves being a part of this area. In 2003 he graduated from West High School, then shortly after became an active member of the Coralville Fire Department, where he served 14 years as a volunteer firefighter before retiring in August of 2018. 

It was while earning his bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa he realized his true passion was natural healthcare. He wanted to bring patients natural care and life-changing experience under chiropractic care. This passion led him to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. He excelled as an active student and was nominated for the Clinical Excellence Award for his mastery of several chiropractic techniques, as well as his exceptional doctor/patient interaction. He graduated receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic and shortly after opened his own practice in North Liberty, Iowa.

Continuing education is extremely important to Dr. Karim. He takes pride in being board certified in Chronic Intractable pain and Neuropathy from the American College of Physical Medicine. He is also Board certified in Functional Neurology from the American Functional Neurology Institute, which allows him to further help as many people as possible.

His clinics are conveniently located close to his home, which is the utmost importance to him. This allows him to spend time with his wife and two dogs while also being involved in his community. Occasionally his two dogs, Aspen and Sunny, join him for an afternoon at the clinic where his patients love interacting with them.  Dr. Karim also enjoys sports (Go Hawks!) and moving his body through regular workouts at the gym located next to his clinic.

Dr. Karim's priority is and always will be helping people. He plans to achieve this goal consistently one patient at a time, by giving the best patient service and care. When you are a part of his office, you are a part of his family and he thrives to serve surrounding communities in Iowa.

Wellness Care North Liberty IA Amanda
Nurse Practitioner

Amanda Kuehl, FNP-C

Amanda Kuehl was born and raised in Quincy, IL. She graduated in 2010 from Illinois State University with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. She later went on to complete her bachelor's degree of nursing from Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing. She spent 1 year in Medical Surgery/Oncology and 4 years in a cardiac intensive care unit. 

After taking care of many sick patients, she decided she wanted to have a bigger impact on her patient's lives by focusing on preventative care. She went on to receive her master's degree from Maryville University as a family nurse practitioner. She is board certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). She met the love of her life which brought her to Iowa City, IA in April 2019. She is currently working at St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids as a physical medicine and rehabilitation nurse practitioner. She helps her patients with pain management in non-surgical ways without the use of opioids.

Amanda believes in the importance of health and well-being and allowing the body to heal in a natural environment. She is excited to be a part of a practice that focuses on this mission. Her goal is to provide comfort and quality of patient care in an individualized manner. She looks forward to building a trusting relationship with each one of her patients and watching the progress that takes place each step of the way.

Wellness Care North Liberty IA Angela
Office Manager

Angela Wilcox

Angela is Dr. Karim's assistant in our neuropathy and knee pain clinic, as well as our practice representative. Chiropractic is deep-rooted in her heart. Not only has she experienced relief from years of chronic pain in her neck and back, chiropractic care from Dr. Karim has led to a significant difference in the lives of her children, it also saved her son's life.

Due to unexplained seizure activity, Angela's daughter had been on adult seizure medication since the age of one. Nobody could quite put their finger on what was causing her condition. After a few short months of regular adjustments in her neck, Ashlyn has been seizure-free and off medication, enjoying her seizure and medication-free life.

Angela's oldest son Chandler came to Dr. Karim for routine sports care when he noticed some things about him that weren't considered 'normal' from a neurological standpoint. Before then, she had no reason to believe there was anything concerning about him, as he had always had these traits. He never missed a checkup with his pediatrician and had a sports physical every year; he was also a patient in Endocrinology at the university because of his large stature. Everyone agreed his clumsiness was due to being very large for his age. It was after Dr. Karim's insistence she gets further testing it was discovered Chandler had an aggressive brain and spinal cord tumor that was suffocating his brain stem and essentially crushing his spinal cord. Had it not been for Dr. Karim's attention and intuition, Chandler would have been gone within 4 months.

After taking almost a year off while her son recovered from a risky surgery, radiation, and physical therapy, Angela has returned to us, ready to tell the world what chiropractic has done for her and her family.

Her honesty, empathy, sense of humor, and love of healing will touch you as much as it does us, whether it be during your appointment, through a lunch and learn, health fair, or a How to Stay Young seminar.

In her free time, Angela enjoys every second she gets to spend with her husband their 5 kids, and 2 dogs, writing, playing Trivia Crack, doing yoga, and her ongoing work with other families who have had children diagnosed with a critical illness, along with her philanthropic work with the Make A Wish Foundation and children's cancer research. She is an active member of Life Church in Coralville, passionate about children's ministry and Servolution projects.


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