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Harmony XL is a powerful and versatile treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs. Reach out to the team at Iowa Wellness Center in North Liberty, IA for more information!

Technology and Treatments in North Liberty IA

Dye VL

The narrow band spectrum is the optimal range for hemoglobin absorption, targeting vascular lesions, making it highly effective. High absorbing in Melanin makes it also effective in removing spots and pigmentation. The new and advanced Dye-VL PRO cooled applicator is highly powerful and effective. With a focused 1 cm2 spot size, high peak power and intense cooling, it provides excellent clinical results.


  • The treatment of benign pigmented epidermal lesions including dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, melasma, ephelides (freckles), lentigines, nevi and café-au-lait-macules (birth marks)
  • Treatment of benign cutaneous vascular lesions including port wine stains, hemangiomas (bright red birth marks), rosacea, erythema of rosacea, angiomas and spider angiomas, poikiloderma of Civatte (sun aging), and venous malformations.
Wellness Care North Liberty IA Dye VL

Tattoo Removal Laser Tip Treats


  • Tattoo removal
  • Benign epidermal pigmented lesions
  • Superficial vascular lesions
  • Non-invasive treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions

Clear Lift

Alma’s award-winning ClearLift applicator is the most comprehensive Q-Switched Nd:YAG treatment solution available today.

ClearLift delivers intense nanosecond pulses to the target area resulting in a photo acoustic effect.

This mechanical Q switch action is highly effective in removing tattoos and hyperpigmentation. The controlled dermal wounds, created with the pixel tip, provide the ideal solution for skin rejuvenation on the face, neck and decollete.


  • Non-Ablative treatment of fine lines & wrinkles, skin laxity, scars including: acne scars, stretch marks, photo damages and photo aged skin.
Wellness Care North Liberty IA Clear Lift

Laser Hair Removal


  • The removal of unwanted hair and to effect stable long-term or permanent hair reduction.
  • The treatment of chronic razor burns.
  • Can use on all skin types.


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